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Leadership Camp

Goal of the project

The main aim of the event is to train and create the best leaders – pharmacy students from associations consociated in this enterprise. These are the people who are and still will be a source of motivation for another members of their associations! Moreover the event allows to deepen a relationship between three countries: Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

How does the SPC look like?

SPC is a four days of soft-skills trainings and workshops.
The event begins with integration and some ice-breakers to let participants to get to know each other. Next two days focus on trainings dedicated to the topic: leadership. An inherent part is a public speaking training which ends with SPC TedTalk.

SPC participant

SPC participant is above all characterized by undertaking extracurricular activities, has a lot of motivation to perfect himself and is interested in self-development. There are the people who are going to be fulfilled in many positions in their associations.
During SPC you can expect:

  • professional workshops held by experienced trainers from Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • opportunity to train your English skills
  • unique atmosphere and relantionships that will create between students from neighbouring countries


SPC takes place in another country every year – by turns in Poland, in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

This year we are especially honoured to invite you to Warsaw – the capital city of Poland, where this year’s SPC edition is going to be held! See you soon from 5th to 8th September.


SPC Main Coordinator


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